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Stockholm City Airport

We are very excited to welcome you to our new FBO at Bromma Airport. Completed in 2020 with dedicated VIP & Crew facilities, apron access, crew rest area, and conference room. You can be at your destination in downtown Stockholm just 30 minutes after you touch the ground.

At IFLY FBO ESSB we offer free vehicle apron access, meaning that you can have your transport directly to/from the aircraft at no extra cost. Your vehicle and immigration will simply meet you when you walk out the aircraft stairs. If you would like to take a call or have a coffee before or after the flight you are welcome to use our VIP lounge with a nice selection of complimentary snacks and drinks.

For OPS & Crew



OPS & crew are welcome to contact us regarding enquires, operational procedures, and any other questions regarding your flight.



Over the years, we have found partners in different industries that shares our values and business philosophy. Together with them we can offer our clients the same experience the whole way of the trip.



Our experienced team can assist with local knowledge to solve complex operations when time is not on your side. Domestic airports have very limited experience in business aviation. You will always have IFLY as your first point of contact instead of navigating through the domestic airports and airline handlers.

Our Partners

Practical Information


Dangerous goods must not be carried in or as passengers or crew, checked or carry-on baggage, except as otherwise provided in IATA DGR Table 2.3.A.


We provide on-site immigration control at the aircraft for quick clearance of both passengers and crew.

Car Parking

Complimentary car parking located at a secured and gated parking area with close proximity to aircraft stands and lounge.

Apron Access

Apron access directly to the aircraft with your choice of transportation is a standard service for all our clients.

Highlighted Services

Helicopter transport

We can provide helicopter transport with our A109W or EC120 based at Bromma airport. They are the fastest way to reach your remote destination and are also available for Stockholm sightseeing tours to see the beautiful capital from above. Please contact us for a quote.

Inflight Catering

Our long-term catering partners deliver VIP, VVIP and crew catering with flexibility and high quality. Together we have developed a product customed for the limited galleys in private jets to create an easier work environment for FA’s and pilots. Meanwhile living up to the client's standards.


With two hangars of our own disposal and two additional hangars with our partners, we can ensure warm and dry air in Sweden’s rough climate. We offer both short and long-term solutions for your needs.

Ground Service Equipment

We have invested in our own GSE to ensure quick turnarounds and not be dependent on 3rd party suppliers when time is of the essence. We use GSE designed for business aviation, being maintained regularly to ensure safe operation.

Our Services

  •  Aircraft Cleaning
  • Aircraft Lubricants
  • Aircraft Maintenance 3rd Party Part-145
  • Aircraft Parking
  • Air Starter Cart
  • Baggage Cart
  • Belt Loader
  • Catering 3rd Party
  • De-Icing / Anti-Ice
  • Dishwashing
  • Fork Lift
  • Helicopter Handling
  • Hotac Booking
  • Ice, Coffee & Hot Water
  • Laundry Service 3rd Party
  • Lavatory Service
  • Limousine Service 3rd Party
  • Medical Flight Handling
  • Nitrogen Service

  • Oxygen Service

  • Slot Coordination

  • Sports Charter Handling

  • Supervision Handling

  • Taxi Service

  • Trash Disposal

  • VIP / Head of State Handling

  • Weather Planning Service

  • PRM - Assistance


Local Times
  • Monday - Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
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